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Top Bollywood Thriller with a mysterious tale


With the discussion of the thriller, the name Alfred Hitchcock is well known in the Hollywood industry which starts and ends with him. He had startled his audience than any courtly British director, who set the difference between suspense and surprise in his manner. A bomb goes off under your table, that is a surprise; bomb in under your table but just don’t know when it will go off, what is called suspense. Well around the directors have tried to copy the Hitchcock style of creating suspense. Even Bollywood thriller is no far away. From late Vijay Anand, “Goldie” to his family & fans to the Bollywood disrupter Anurag Kashyap, the thrillers were more of cushy musicals that approached the audiences. Release of movies like Guide starring Dev Anand, Jewel thiefs, Johnny Mera Naam and Teesri Manzil. Whereas Goldie thrillers were peculiar than others, not because of creating dilemma or masterful characterization – it’s common in each one but the exposition of each song shot. Vijay Anand was known as a master of song picturization.

So this was all left for Anand legacy to abide? Probably yes but let’s say partly. To continue your legacy you must have an heir to take over. Hitchcock, the suspense-mogul was imperative in Hollywood, but with the arrival of French critic François Truffaut, he who helped to reintroduce Hitchcock to America. The reason Hollywood has exquisite classics like Rear Window, Pyscho, and North by Northwest. One can the heir to Goldie legacy is glaringly Sriram Raghavan. The 2007 release of Johnny Gaddaar, was a tribute to his guru.

The guide to top Bollywood thriller will help you see clear as day to watch the capers.

  • Andhadhun (2018)
    ‘What is life? It all depends on the liver’ — Prologue
AndhaDhun' Movie

Suspense doesn’t bring vibes in your body from the start it’s at the end what counts. As good as the ending is, this movie is one open-ended and mysterious with many more questions than answers. Was the half sightless rabbit linked to Ayushman’s character as a metaphor. The blind Akash does have part of the vision? Tabu’s eyes were taken by Akash? Did the rabbit play the act of being an Akash stick? All the questions lining up tends to wild theories and a perplexity fuelled ending. Andhadhun is considered Sriram Raghavan’s most enjoyable caper to date. The enigma specialist this one supersedes the expectation of Johnny Gaddaar. Andhadhun is explained new-found appeal to being fans favorite. It tops the list of Bollywood thriller flick for a reason.

  • MOM (2017)
    ‘Bhagwan har jagah nahin hota, DKji’ — Devki

    Isliye toh usne maa banayee hai’ — DK
Still from movie MOM 2017

Sridevi’s execution of character (though her last appearance is in Zero), with the compelling portrait of revenge, best served cold. The dialogue which read about Delhi “Unsafe for women”, with dire. Director Ravi Udaywar left no stone unturned with the opening of the movie with such a frenzied manner. Make your blood run cold. More plague, you know where this leads to. Daughter of Devki (Sridevi), Arya which is on thin ice. In the first thirty minutes into the film, she was brutally raped and left lying in the pool for spilling blood which leads to death. Later on, the belief and trust in justice are shattered once denied. So Devki takes the avatar of Durga-Kali proving it one of best Bollywood thrillers. Nawazuddin Sidique as DK, adds the right amount of buzz with Akshaye Khanna (CBI Office) trying to get caught of Devki’s actions. The late actor, this flick is vulnerable and vengeful by turns.

  • Raman Raghav 2.0 (2016)
Nawazuddin Sidique movie

Now for Anurag Kashyap, it’s about wobbling between romance and crime. A connection is drawn between his last few Bollywood thrillers The Girl in Yellow Boots, Ugly and Raman Raghav 2.0. With a close look, you will find one apparently. All mentioned screenplay is related to present-day Mumbai, showing the darkest shades of black. You can look up to add Black Friday as well. Ugly was about kidnapping, this Raman Raghav is vexing on the serial killer (a real-life criminal who terrorized Mumbai in the 1960s). No rewards for your guess of assuming that Nawazuddin Siddiqui (Raman) puts him to stand as the infamous killer. No motivation behind any slaughter. Raman is rendezvous with a cop on coke Raghav (Vicky Kaushal). In this Bollywood thriller, the need to kill is only meant to give pleasure and to satisfy his sadistic needs.

  • Badlapur (2015)
Varun Dhawan in Bollywood Thriller  Badlapur

Director Sriram Raghavan was in form to entertain us with this terrific and twisted dark flick, Badlapur. The title is positioned on the shanty town near Mumbai but is illustrative about revenge. The opening is with a heist gone awry. This leads to the Raghu’s (Varun Dhawan) wife death in an unprecedented accident, a crime for which enforcer Liak (Nawazuddin Sidique) pays for rest of the film. Indeed, Liak goes behind the bars to serve. With revenge in mind, average living life person, Raghu’s shows the ugly side of the men, turning Liak as a saint in eye of an audience. Siddique, proves he’s the best thing happened in Bollywood industry since Om Puri.

  • NH 10 (2015)
    Yeh shehar badhta bachcha hai, sir. Kudd toh lagayega hi’ — Gurgaon cop
NH10 Bollywood Thriller Movie

After making a comeback almost after the decade, Navdeep Singh is most unsung directors on the bloc. On the return, NH10 was a perfect welcome back. A story set in the local areas of Gurgaon, couple Meera (Anushka Sharma) and Arjun (Neil Bhoopalam) procedes to a vacation where they bumped into local thugs. Arjun is killed in the brawl. Meera tried to escape from the reality but ends up picking up a weapon. If Arjun wouldn’t have taken on his ego, would the happy couple land in a dirty mess?

  • Kahaani (2015)
    ‘Teri maa ki.. Khan. Yehi naam hai mera’ — Khan, IB officer
Bollywood thriller Kahaani - Vidya Balan

No doubt this is one of the Hindi cinema’s best performers thriller with a story plot inconceivable. But why they stopped making like these? Imagine, a confused and tensed Indian pregnant women looking to find answers in a big city where she is completely unknown. And she is seven months pregnant. Vidya Bagachi, what she is called in Kolkata, played by Vidya Balan. With an aim to find her missing husband, she is surfaced by a contract killer who gently says “Nomoshkar” before patting on her shoulder at a metro station, which will bring heart in your mouth. And nothing left to electrify the audience, director Sujoy Ghosh tucks in Nawazuddin Sidique in this espionage Bollywood thriller.

  • Ab Tak Chhappan (2004)
    Aye, Zameer, kul milaake dedh sau ka gang nahin hoga tera. 40,000 ka gang hai mera police ka’ — Sadhu Agashe
Ab tak Chhappan (Bollywood thriller) - Nana Patekar as Agashe

Before Nana Patekar became a part of an ethereal cop in Ram Gopal’s Verma The Attacks of 26/11, he was Agashe in the director Shimit Amin Ab Tak Chhappan. The character is inspired by Daya Nayak. Total of 56 encounters of Daya Nayak. Move based on the time when a newspaper headline of every morning which states about the bloodshed on the streets of Mumbai. Amin and his mentor Ram Gopal Verma perfectly delineated the underworld and police procedural. We meet the Agashe in the best impersonation during the edgy and documentary style.

  • Teesri Manzil (1966)
    ‘Tumne mujhe dekha hokar meharbaan’ — Rocky

The movie should have released with a note “Don’t miss the beginning”. In the opening scene, the camera walks up from stairs in the dark lit building and the movie title rolls out. The next jaw breaking thing is a body falling from the third floor of the building. Director Vijay Anand exemplified the scene with great artifice. The crime of rape and murder is charged onto Rocky (Shammi Kapoor) and the film revolves around proving his innocence. RD Burman’s iconic music adds the flavor. Lookout to watch the movie today, you gonna argue Anand was more than the producer-director. Bringing this movie to the list of Bollywood thriller, Teesri Manzil is a rare caper with the taste of golden music (“Oh haseena zulfo waali” and “Tumne mujhe dekha”, to name just two) and brings around the elements of surprise and suspense.

  • Jewel Thief (1967)
    ‘Macchli pakadne ka shauq tumhe bhi hai, mujhe bhi’ — Seth Vishambar Nath
Jewel Thief

“Ma Amar Nahi Hu” repeatedly said by Dev Anand. Who clarifies the doubts of Vyjayantimala aka Shalu who is ambiguous he cheated her. Was Amar really engaged to Shalu? The proof is a rock on her finger. Combination of Delphian, classic touch of music, case scenes, urbane characters and connect-the-dots of surprise, Anand’s show of Hitchcockian ‘Innocent Man Wrongly Accused’ trope. Dev Anand plays the role of flaky gait and Vyjayantimala without the benefit of doubt proves no one is a better dancer than her. In the final showdown, Vinay (Dev Anand) tells Kumar’s Arjun Singh “Phir aise badhiya badhiya actoron ki sohbat mein aadmi thodi bohot acting toh seekh hi jaata hai.”


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