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PM Modi concepts of how novel coronavirus will redefine businesses


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday took up to LinkedIn to interact with the people. He shared the ideas that will redefine the business and work culture in businesses.

Modi tweeted “Coronavirus has changed the way we perceive our professional life. Due to lockdown, the home has become our new office. The internet is now a new meeting room. And having luncheon breaks with colleagues is history”.

PM Modi twitter account wrote:

PM Modi in his tweet mentioned India, an innovative nation with youth filled with enthusiasm can look up to in providing a new work culture.

The prime minister also said he is performing and dealing with office work via videoconferences and answering phone calls during the time when coronavirus has disrupted all day to day activities.

I have contemplated in building the new business and work culture on our five English vowels, he said.

These will act as essential ingredient for any business model and how to stabilize in the post COVID19 world, he added.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing people.
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One should lookout for the business models and lifestyle which are easy to adapt during the time of such crisis.

Meaning in even such scenario our offices, operations and commerce could get moving faster, ensuring no loss of life occur.

Look to comprehend with digital payments is the prime example of adaptability. At such a time of crisis, invest in digital tools to keep either your small or medium businesses connected to commerce. Since the demonetization, India has witnessed quite a mammoth plunge in the digital transactions.

The latest example could be telemedicine which is at a nascent stage. Many patients look out for consultations without in need to go to clinic or hospital. Telemedicine could be an ever-growing sector. PM Modi questioned, can you think of the vigorous business model that can help grow the telemedicine sector in the coming era across the world?


May be its feasible time to rethink of the way how we refer to as being efficient.

How an employee or employer considers efficient by how much time spent in the office? Well, its time to consider apotheosis in the businesses where productivity and efficiency matter just more than the appearance made to show effort.

Where priority should be kept on completing a task in limited time frame with smart work not hard-work.


The most vulnerable in these situation of crisis are poor, develop the business models which help in bringing out primacy of care for the poor.

With the latest report, after 30 years the Himalayas are visible from 125 miles away, which brings the significance of mother nature. Climate change has made progress and made us aware of how soon it can flourish due to the standstill of human activity across the globe. We owe a great debt to it. In this regard, there could be plenty of opportunities to grab for future technologies which can help us reduce the impact on the planet. Do more with less.

The situation of COVID19, enlighten us on the need to work on medical solutions at low cost and high scale. With this, we can work towards guiding and ensuring the health and well being of humanity globally.

The luxury items are not the essential ones, we realized that. Farmers are the ones we owe something, so it would be better to invest and innovate to make sure essential goods producers have access to information, machinery, and market regardless of the situation the economy is in so citizens have access to essential goods.


Every crisis brings out an opportunity to seek and put the idea in play. The same happens with COVID19.

Go to the internet and find out the new growth opportunities sectors which can help you grow potentially.

Remember, the post-2008 recession, the world welcomed the emerging startups WhatsApp (2009), Uber (2009), Groupon (2009), Slack (2009), Instagram (2010). During this time, India should move ahead of the curves, rather than playing catch-up. Think about how your core capabilities and skills can be used in the best way.


He abruptly quotes, any virus or disease doesn’t look race, religion, color, caste, creed, language or border before striking the human body.

Our aim should be to conduct and handle the situation with primacy unity and brotherhood.


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