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Rahul Yadav is the Chief Editor Expert, lives in New Delhi. He has a very deep interest in all current affairs topics whatsoever. As an author, he tries his best to improve Newspaper Catalog every day. He is very active on social media which helps him to stay updated with the latest happenings in the world. His passion, dedication and quick decision-making ability make him stand apart from others.

Facebook : @Rahul Yadav
Instagram : @Rahul Yadav
Email : info.rahuly@gmail.com

Harsha Chauhan is the Chief Editor & Author at Newspaper Catalog. She writes about Entertainment, Lifestyle & Health. She mainly focuses on the quality of the articles being written and published on the site. She always keeps in touch with all the latest updates on the internet. Moreover, she is one of the Makeup Artists too based in New Delhi. She tries to extract the best from her and always keen on learning new things.

Facebook : @Harsha Chauhan
Instagram : @Harsha Chauhan Makeovers
Email : theblushingstory@gmail.com

Jatin Sachdeva is the author of Newspaper Catalog. He has a piece of profound knowledge in areas like share market, travel, lifestyle, and health and interests on a subject like politics, business world. He is quite an influencer and an energetic personality to talk about. With an eagerness to keep acquiring new skills and to stay up to date, he makes the team as a whole.

Instagram: Jatin Sachdeva
LinkedIn: Jatin Sachdeva

Rishabh Chandwani is an Journalist Author at Newspaper Catalog, lives in New Delhi as well as Goa. He is always motivated and passionate for his work and always try to give his best and always wanted to learn new things. He is graduated in B.Com(Hons) from Delhi University.

Facebook : @Rishabh Chandwani
Instagram : @Rishabh Chandwani