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Need High End Mobile? The Most Fastest Mobile Phones In 2020


Nowadays mobile phones become another essential thing in each life or you can say the basic need after food, clothes and shelter. Even it’s become very powerful and convenient thing in the world. Everyone need mobile phone, some people wants it for basic use or some wants it for professional use even some wants it just for entertainment. So it depends person to person only.

If you are looking for best and fast mobile devices in 2020 then here we are going to provide you with 5 most fastest mobile phones options which you can buy to make your work, game or entertainment better.

The Most Fastest Mobile Phones In 2020

There was a time when mobile phones were used to make calls only but now, a smartphone can do anything or you can say everything that can be done through mobile phones like watching HD movies, playing games, video calls, online shopping, editing, social connection around the globe, even many people run their whole business through smartphones only. In short it’s a pocket laptop or computer which you can carry easily.

Most Fastest Mobile Phones In 2020
  • Apple iPhone 11 Pro

As everyone knows apple brand is good for its performance. So here it is the extreme fastest mobile phone in 2020 powered with A13 Bionic Chip, OLED Screen using XDR (Xtreme Dynamic Range) panel inside and brightness level upto 800 nits. It supports 18W fastest charging and most important its water resistant mobile phone. Apple iPhone 11 Pro comes at number 1 in aspect of fast device. Price range is on higher side obviously, around 1 lac rupees.

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Here is another most fastest mobile phone of 2020, grabbed eyeball with its 100x zoom. Wow, its not only worthy feature in it but many more too like 12GB of RAM, latest Exynos 990 Octa Core Processor with a speed of 2.7 GHz and powered by Android 10. Amazing screen quality with QHD + 3200×1440 pixels resolution. And there is a huge 5000 mAh battery which gives a long day battery life. The phone offers very smooth multi-tasking and great video streaming as well as gaming experience. Price range is on higher side competing with apple only as same 1 lac rupees.

  • One Plus 8

It is going to be launch very soon in India, right now One Plus 7T Pro is the most fastest mobile phone of this company but on 14th April they are going to launch 8th series of it. As one plus is fond saying that the main focus for their all devices is just speed.
We don’t have exact specifications of this device yet but definitely it will be more fastest than One Plus 7T Pro which come with 12GB of RAM, Qualcomm powerful Snapdragon 855 processor and optimized Oxygen OS. So obviously next version would be more powerful and fastest than this. Stay tuned for its launch which is on 14th April 2020.

So here we provided you with Most Fastest Mobile Phones In 2020 options, all phones are high end with fastest technology till yet. We will keep updating you all with many more devices like this only, so stay tuned with us, keep following, keep reading and keep loving Newspaper Catalog.

If you are an user of any above device or else you are going to buy any one then please give your reviews and tell your experience in comment box below, so that it will be easy for many people to decide amongst the Most Fastest Mobile Phones In 2020.


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