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Ladakh Is Now Corona Free, No More Active Cases


Ladakh is now Corona free as there are no more active cases in the Leh Ladakh. Ther active cases under isolation in Leh district have now recovered from the coronavirus disease, 17 patients already have been discharged from the hospital whereas the last 2 patients discharged today morning. A total of 43 cases of Coronavirus was reported in Ladakh so far till now out of which 9 cases from Kargil and the remaining 34 cases from Leh.

The infection of Covid-19 in Leh Ladakh is in control now as the region has not reported any new fresh case since 3rd May which means there is no new case from the past 13 days. All the confirmed cases of Covid-19 have recovered from this deadly disease. Ladakh was one of the first state in India where coronavirus positive case was found in the month of March. There is no death in the Ladakh region as all the confirmed cases of 43 patients have recovered from the Covid-19.

Meanwhile, the testing is still continued by the Health Department. They received 220 sample reports yesterday and the good thing is that all the reports have tested negative, 147 samples were sent yesterday to NCDC New Delhi for testing Covid-19. Let’s see for the reports, we hope it may come with negative only.

Roads to Ladakh may open soon and will be ready to welcome tourists, Ladakh tourism period is very limited for just 3-4 months from June to September and its major economy depends on this period only through tourism. So it is expected and assumed that Ladakh may ready to entertain tourists during that period of time with proper precautions and preventions.

We all are fighting against Coronavirus and will win this battle very soon. Stay home and maintain social distancing to avoid the spread of coronavirus.


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