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iPhone SE launched at $399, amid COVID19 shakedown


The latest iPhone looks identical to iPhone 8 but launched with more specs. Experts predict will appeal to the customer with constraint budgets.

The iPhone SE was launched by Apple Inc. on Wednesday, the low-cost version with 64 storage of the iPhone SE priced at $399. Apple showed amid Covid19, they haven’t slowed down too much with the release of second-generation of SE series.

Unless usual, the launch event was skipped by Apple, and they released the smartphone via a press release, even though the flagships remain the September handsets. Experts gave confidence in the company that it will operate a stable business and attract the customer for smartphone even against the crisis took over the economy.

The second-generation iPhone SE looks identical to series 8, which comes with a 4.7-inch screen, large bezels on the top and bottom, and a home button with Touch ID. The design remains the same as the iPhone 6, which adds iPhone SE in the line up the fifth generation of the same looks. No doubt, Apple is good with that design.

Well, the latest model of the iPhone will be targeting the segment of customers where lower-cost devices are popular. The device comes up with the installed “fastest chip in the smartphone”  Apple’s A13 Bionic chip, what the company confirms and a single camera system that supports portrait mode.

Unlike, the latest fleet of models, the newer model has a physical home button, and the device is made available in 128gb offered for $449 and a 256GB model for $549. The color choice the Apple provided are black, white, and red color schemes, and one can get hands-on the device from April 24.

The pre-orders will be started from April 17 at 5 a.m. PT, and it comes with a free year of Apple TV Plus. Apple vice president for worldwide marketing said in a released statement, “The first model of SE was a loved by many customers and was a hit with its unique combination of small size, high-end performance, and affordable price; the new second-generation iPhone SE builds on that great idea and improves on it in every way,”.

Apple said the feature of portrait mode includes the technology they call “monocular depth sensing.” It is equipped with machine learning to detect depth and faces — which, unfortunately, is said to work on people, not pets. It supports 4K video at 60fps and can also have “cinematic” stabilization in-camera which also includes optical image stabilization. The front-facing selfie camera is 7-megapixels, and it can also do portrait mode effects.

Whereas many parts of iPhone SE are similar to iPhone 8, such as battery life (but no word on exact battery size), but no problem from the quality perspective. As per IDC data, Apple has sold out 500million handsets of the most popular screen size and it’s still counting, the reason they are still using it.

With this new addition in the line up of iPhone, now the long-awaited device which is named iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 pro likely, comes with whole pack latest technology with such as 5G, Lidar assisted photography and a faster processor, but there is a bigger advantage coming out of One Apple Park Way.

A new design.

This upcoming design is said to differentiate between the previous model iPhone 11 and newer one iPhone 12. Since to been seen as disparate and looking to owning something new – then a new design is the perfect lure.

By all means, celebrate Apple (finally)stepping up to the plate with 5G. Get ready to experience the increased power with a new Axx processor which already has hiked up the stakes at the table. And prepared to be gaze at the new images from the Lidar camera. That’s not the pitch the mainstream will see.

The real sales pitch for the iPhone 12 is that it looks new.


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