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Avoid High Blood Pressure; Know What To Eat?


According to the report of WHO, one in every six people is estimated to have high blood pressure. This estimate is going to increase steadily and may come to the mark of 1.5 billion till 2025.

This formidable disease is the reason a person is at risk of heart failure or stroke and many have hypertension as well, but they just don’t know it. With the data available, the number of deaths worldwide is to be 7.5 million which counts to 12.8% of the total of all deaths. Since the disease has very few symptoms, which lets a great number of people to be diagnosed, let alone 75 million people in the USA only. According to the data released in 2017, India count is at 1.6 million deaths a year – which is more than the population of Mauritius in 2016.

Well, even right now don’t have to worry at all, with a change in diet and lifestyle you can control and lower your high blood pressure. So stick with us to find the high blood pressure diet.

  • Avoid Sugar and Salt

They are those villains that everyone loves and appreciates when they play their role either in a movie or your food. Unfortunately, these two enhance taste but also are major factors in hypertension. It is advised to lower the intake of them but that also doesn’t mean you have to eat bland food (Plain Dal Chawal) for a lifetime.

A healthy person should take up to 1700 – 2000 milligrams of sodium per day. According to the reports, on average a person consumes 2800-3200 mg of sodium in a day. Yeah, its a fact. And when it comes to sugar, you just have to keep in mind to avoid that “extra/added sugar”. Our inner system requires sugar to function properly but it should come from whole fruit instead of those candies and even juice.

As per the report, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) says 75 percent of salt a person consumes is from processed food or from meals cooked at restaurants/food outlets excluding the ones salt shaker kept on the table.

It is recommended daily intake of sugar should be no more than 37.5 grams (9 teaspoons) and 25 grams (6 teaspoons) for men and women respectively.

  • Canned Beans

Food which is meant to increase the shelf life like canned vegetables especially beans, are having tremendous amount of sodium. Let’s say beans which are bought, then drown in water and cooked are rich in protein, fiber and anti-inflammatory nutrients.

Even though meals prepared with beans help you control and get your sugar level at ease. However, you don’t have choice so its better make it possible to rinse them in colander to get off minimum of 40% sodium before you eat canned beans.

  • Bottled Tomato Products

Well, the shocking thing is even the tomato products come up with added salt and in what quantity. Those canned tomato sauces, juices, and pasta sauces include nothing but high sodium. It is done to aid the preservation of these long time ago cooked products that bring out the flavor in noodles and vegetables.

It is calculated that 400mg of sodium is contained in 1/2 cup of serving of classic marinara sauce. Even, in the soup, the sodium is concentrated when cooked and the water boils off. No doubt, the soup can be made at home with much better taste.

In the market, options for low or reduced-sodium products are available. Your aim is how to lower your blood pressure, then choose fresh tomatoes which are rich in lycopene or buy products which are labeled as “low sodium” or “reduced salt”. Do remember to read “the label”.

  • Processed/Packaged Meat

So you are in love with that processed meat including hot dogs, bacon and sausage, well here is another bad news; there rely on sodium too much to provide the product long life. Remember, it’s not about only tons of salt getting inside, it’s just not about you sacrificing your health; more importantly, you are giving up the chance to eat organic and fresh luscious food.

Well, consider this your 2ounce of serving, like almost contains 500mg of sodium or even more. Not enough? Well, many people completely get into the trap of sodium and rather than adding in the list of how to avoid high blood pressure they do a favor by adding pickles and cheese in their simple meal.

The best alternative is to buy meat from a butcher, to get your hands on fresh products which aren’t been drowned into a tank of saltwater.

  • Frozen Meals

The dish you just took out from your refrigerator may have been cooked at least a year before. To taste just like the way you want it to the plenty amount of salt is added. Even that one thing, you can’t live without, frozen cheese – one serving contains 700 mg of sodium. Enough to put you at risk.

Well, many brands produce high-quality food with low sodium, but you have to pay more. Another alternative available, get made yourself your favorite dish with several servings and freeze it.

  • Candy

Its nothing new for you, these lovely looking elements are full of sugar and countless calories, but well, of course, it is sweet to the tooth.

So rather than questioning, how to avoid hypertension, try to avoid them to have a healthier life. The best thing to do is to start having Banana in your diet – because of its high level of potassium.

  • Pickles

Preserving food requires salt to be added. It increases food life, stops from decaying and makes it edible longer. Even the innocent cucumber can be a source of sodium bomb.

The garlic pickle is just add in your diet to be heart stroke exposure. A whole spear of pickle has 390 mg of sodium covered with it. Obviously, reduced-sodium options in the market are available.

  • Soft Drinks

Adding one bottle of soda is counted as added sugar in your lifestyle, it pushes your daily recommended intake to boost. As you drink them rather than eating, so your taste buds aren’t enough of it by just one.

Doctors advise opting for the sweetened tea or coffee to go after to fulfill your lust of caffeine.  If it’s simply refreshment you crave, try some sparkling water with a splash of fruit juice or a sprig of mint.

  • Pasteries/Cakes

Until now, hope so you are keeping with us. This is one hard to let go, but saturated fats are your enemy which contributes to weight gain in the long run. Enjoy these mouthwatering creamy products in moderation.

Put a hold on your craving and share one of them with a whole bunch of people.

The back up available out is pure maple syrup, raw honey, and coconut sugar. These are lower on the glycemic scale and also deliver important nutrients, antioxidants, and electrolytes.

  • Alcohol

The addiction can even have put many in rehabilitation. Consumption is done in small and moderate amount alcohol brings health value to your body in general but too much will bring high blood pressure.

Alcohol is high in sugar and when mixed with sugar beverages, god helps your mission of how to avoid high blood pressure. Just not this, intake of alcohol voids the medication you are having. And finally, have more than 3 drinks temporary spiked your blood pressure.

The harsh truth is to decrease the amount of sugar and salt in your diet will require some extra effort. How to avoid blood pressure is best possible by preparing meals fresh at home but you can also go for packaged food as you get good label products.


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