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Finally, WhatsApp gets two important features I Tech Update


We are quite aware of how Zuckerberg is controlling our day to day life with Instagram, Facebook and none other than WhatsApp a cross-platform messaging and Voice. With approximately 1.9Billion active users every month, WhatsApp changed the way we used for texting.

So since the widespread of Covid19 outbreak become a global crisis, WhatsApp has been updating its application. There has been a spike in usage of the application’s user due to the imposition of lockdown in most major cities. In recent updates, the Silicon Valley-based company recently restricted the number of messages a person can forward to others in case of frequently shared messages. This step was taken to curb the spread of fake news as much as possible.

Well, WhatsApp is once again looking to roll out a host of new features in the coming days. Since due to the security bugs discovered later in the app it has been under the scanner, but past then to eradicate countless security issues, Facebook-owned app has released many updates.

The upcoming new features which everyone was looking forward to, the latest beta version of WhatsApp gives us an alluring look into the future. So, what’s in it for your users?
Advanced search, password-protected backups are the two main features launching to your Smartphone’s, plus automatic download rules. Now, a lot of things are going to get easier. Till now only Apple backed the operating system iOS had available the Advanced Search feature in WhatsApp beta but now it’s in the pipeline for Android Users as well. You are one of those with an enormous archive of messages and used to have a hard time tracking down those files and links that were sent to you, now not anymore.

As WABetaInfo reports, this edition of the new Advanced Search feature will make it ultimately smooth to home in on different types of content. Now WhatsApp gives you the liberty to perform a search based entirely on photos, audio, links, GIFs, videos and even documents. The announcement by WhatsApp didn’t clearly mention when this feature will make its way to everyone, but it is something that will be welcomed when it finally arrives.

Another new option exhibited with the upcoming update in the latest beta version of the Android app is new automatic download rules. It will help you save the data, currently, the feature is under development. WABetaInfo explains that “Unless you permit the app to automatically download, the frequently forwarded images, videos, documents and voice messages will not consume your phone memory”. This option is going to be enabled by default when it rolls out.

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Safe and sound

Until now you already have an option to back up your WhatsApp message to the Google Driver, but it was not possible to secure them from any third party having unauthorized access. Upcoming update coming to your chat app will give you free will to encrypt your backups and protect them all time with a password of a minimum of eight characters.

And the statement by officials mentioned, the password you fancy is not going to be synchronized with either with parent Facebook or WhatsApp, which is something of a double-edged sword. However, this situation does have coin two sides, firstly it’s going to efficiently reduce the risk of it being intercepted or hacked, but on the other side, it means by any tiny chance you forget your password, you will lose access to your backup.

These features are still undergoing phase, which the WhatsApp has desired to launch soon. But the chance to try the update out first is going to be those users who have already installed the beta version of the app. So have you not yet signed up as a WhatsApp beta tester, don’t worry you can do so here.


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