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DU Teachers anxious over conducting online exam


Teachers from Delhi University said the move of conducting an online exam was to have significance over two task force committees of UGC and MHRD.

From the past few weeks, rounds of Delhi University looking to deliberately introduce the online system to conduct the semester exam online amid the nationwide coronavirus outbreak, teachers, members of the academic council and administration branch have started to address and said against such probable plan.

Currently, academic session stands suspended at every education institution which was abruptly taken down due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic which let students and teachers confused and fuzzy about the future course of action.

Concerns have been raised over the moves being made over the methods of conducting exams, the top powers have already circumvented the following process where the guidelines are to the decision through statutory bodies like Executive Council (EC) and Academic Council (AC). In a statement made by Rajesh Jha and J L Gupta of Academics for Action and Development (AAD), they quote “It is not just reckless from the side of DU officials the way they are surrogate which is even beyond their jurisdiction, as they are outflanking the rightful bodies which are entitled to take a decision and resolve the examination matters”.

They mentioned the move they are agility executing is to have influence over the two task force committee of UGC and MHRD.
In times when the whole country is in lockdown, both committees have been entrusted to recommend measures related to oversight of annual exams, academic schedules, and other important tasks for the university in India.

Both the teachers claimed that the arrangement made to rope in DUCC to conduct exams was the arduous task. β€œIt is amazing how earlier DUCC could not hold the Delhi University Entrance Test (DUET) which only has the attendance of a limited number of students and had to outsource the work to the National Testing Agency (NTA). On the other hand, recently the DUCC comes forward and is confident to hold the online examinations of all undergraduate and post-graduate students,” AAD said in a statement.

However, even before the issue of conducting online exams, concerns were raised on communicating and coaching students via online classes. The university with the overall strength in hundreds of thousand with around 9,500 faculty members, there was a good amount of dereliction in reaching out to the students. Prof Raj Kumar, head of DU’s English department.

Prof Nandita Narain of St Stephen’s College said whole idea of online classes is going informally. Countless students don’t have access to the internet but we are trying (our best).

Teachers earlier keenly pointed out that online class isn’t an alternative solution for the regular physical classes and assessing the academics of students on the basis of online classes isn’t a reliable criterion. The association of teacher namely DUTAopt suggested to top brass opting to switch to the annual mode of examination for this academic year and make amends in the course curriculum.

In the past, officials from DUTA proposed after the University is reopened, examinations including internals assessment can take place after the teaching days of the leftover course are concluded with preference to third years students.

Methods questioned
Rajesh Jha, a member of Executive Council, said the top brass was bypassing the process of taking a decision through the Academic and Executive Councils


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