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Coronavirus: What’s happening around the globe


According to John Hopkins University, since the first death in china, 3 months later the death toll touched 108,000.

On saturday, the infected cases for coronavirus reached 17 lakh worldwide and death toll from this communicable disease continues to surge as more people lost their lives. The pandemic which widespread 3 months before, with the first death taking place in China, a total of 108,000 humans have surrendered their lives to COVID19 according the data kept by John Hopkins University.

Time it hit, Asia in January, Europe in March and then the United States of America all became the vital center of the coronavirus pandemic, nearly half of the world population was embarked into lockdown. Daily number of deaths have been continued to hike, regardless of the rigorous confinement measures enacted by the countries across the globe to prevent the widespread of COVID19.

As of April 11, the USA was the center of gravity after China and Italy and number of cases confirmed in Italy and Spain surpassed 525,000 and with the highest death toll in the world of 20,000.

Since the pandemic hit USA, the last four days it has registered roughly 2000 death per day in a row for the first time. New York tops the list with the affected number of cases.

Spain showed some encouraging signs due to the slowdown in a number of deaths, earlier which was reported as the third highest deceased from the virus after Italy and the USA. Signs of good news came, when Spain reported its lowest-one day death count yesterday since March 23, with the preparedness of reopening the thousands of businesses under a loosening of nationwide restrictions under the lockdown.

Its another day to fight against coronavirus across the globe. Find below what is happening around the world.


In another dreadful day, the death toll in the US transcended to Italy’s from the coronavirus on Saturday, crossing beyond 20,000, cities like Chicago and across the Midwest fortified themselves for a potential swell in victims and moved to searing snuff out hot spots of contagion before they erupt.

About half the deaths in the US are in the New York metropolitan area. The Gotham state on Saturday reported a total number of deaths at 8,600, with 783 more. Governor Andrew Cuomo said the daily number of deaths is stabilizing “but stabilizing at a horrific rate.”

Paramedics taking a patient into an emergency centre at Maimonides Medical Center in the Brooklyn borough of New York, United States [Andrew Kelly/Reuters]
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Even Britain’s faced the wrath of COVID-19 on Saturday with death toll neared to 10,000 alone 917 deceased reported on Saturday after health officials reported another 917 hospital deaths. From the coronavirus pandemic, Britain stands at the fifth-highest number of the deceased cases, with a count reported at 9,875 deaths. Continuously second day in a row the number of deaths had increased by more than 900 on Saturday.

A total number of positive cases almost crossed 80,000 in Britain, among them is Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who after spending three nights in the intensive care unit, started showing signs of early recovery. In other good news, Boris Johnson is reportedly doing fine.


The government of the UK from the past few days arduously trying to ensure Britons comply with orders of staying-home and a ban on social gatherings.

Law enforcement officials said only a small group of rebels people were ignoring the message and the on-duty officers have issued 1,084 on-the-spot fines till now to people breaking the restrictions in England and Wales, early data showed. Police powers to enforce came in on March 26 – after the measure taken to curb the widespread of coronavirus were kicked off.

“There is no magical solution that doesn’t require difficult decisions,” said Stephen Powis, the medical director of the National Health Service in England, adding, “This was never going to be a sprint over a few weeks; this is going to be longer, it is going to be a marathon.”

A man plays guitar on the balcony of his home during a nationwide lockdown (AP Photo/Luca Bruno)


After a 3weeks lockdown, China lifted the restrictions in many places including Wuhan, but on Saturday a rise in the number of new coronavirus infections, mostly in travelers showing up from abroad, as doctors in the central city of Wuhan, where the virus initially emerged, warned its behavior was still unstated.

Since January tough hindrances were imposed in China which simmered down the infections sharply, since the height of the pandemic in February, although it has spread worldwide expeditiously to infect 1.6 million people with 100,000 deaths.

But Chinese authorities fear the possibility of a second wave triggered by arrivals from overseas or asymptomatic patients.


Since 23rd March, Spain’s first time registered its lowest one-day increase in deaths from on Saturday. The development has come at a crucial time thousands of businesses are preparing to open up soon.

With the rate of new infections and deaths dwindle, the government has begun to gradually unwind lockdown measures imposed in mid-march, which have kept most people confined to their homes.

From Monday, workers in sectors such as construction and manufacturing will be allowed to return to work, though the government extended restrictions on movement across Spain’s land borders with France and Portugal for another two weeks.


In view of the rising cases of coronavirus, Italian authorities have set up roadblocks around Milan to discourage people from going on the occasion of Easter to the weekend trips.

Vigil watch is being kept by British Police gatherings in public spaces.

France deployed some 160,000 police, including officers on horseback who patrolled beaches and parks.

Meanwhile, from Tuesday onwards Austria aiming to reopen small shops. Spain, with more than 16,300 dead, plans to allow workers in some nonessential industries to return to factories and construction sites Monday.

Till May 3, Italy has stated all nonessential manufacturing to be sealed off in an extension of its national lockdown.

(With inputs from AFP, Reuters and Associated Press)


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