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Coronavirus vs India | Lockdown 2.0 till 3rd May, 9 Key takeaways

  • PM Modi in an address to the nation at 10 am today, announced lockdown to be extended till 3rd May to fight against novel coronavirus.
  • The government will announce detailed documentation about the extended lockdown on 15th April.

With the surge in a number of infectious cases crosses 10,000 in India on the same day, Modi said, “The country has benefited from social distancing and lockdown and that India is in a much better position than many other nations in COVID19 fight. The announcement was made following a meeting with chief ministers last Saturday, during which there was consensus on the same.

A new coronavirus leads to causing a respiratory disease called COVID-19 has killed tens of thousands of people worldwide in a pandemic described by the UN as the most challenging global crisis since the Second World War. The virus, known as SARS-CoV-2, has sickened over 10,000 people in India and killed 339.

PM Modi added stricter rules will be in play till 20th April and there may be relaxation enforced in areas with improved situations. Significant 9 key takeaways from his address the nation

1. Since the shutdown began from March 25, today in his second address he extended lockdown till 3rd May.

2. The government on 15th April will issue the document detailed with the conditions and restrictions to be enacted in Lockdown 2.0.

3. Till next 7-10Days, stricter scrutiny and examination will take place in every area like a village, district, town, or cities.

4. More rigorous measures to be implemented until 20th April and efforts to contain the spread in hotspot areas will be evaluated by administration.

5. After April 20 relaxation in movement will be considered in the areas where there are signs of improvement.

6. Conditional relaxation in an effort to provide relief to the underprivileged, daily earners and daily wagers, and bring economy slowly back on the graph, opening up of manufacturing and production factories with sanitized measure will be given due consideration.

7. India has set up facilities with more than 1 lakh beds in over 600 hospitals all over India for treating coronavirus patients, and these facilities are being amplified, PM Modi said.

8. He urged the business sector not to lay off any of their employees and requested all to be kind to work professionals fighting the coronavirus pandemic, such as doctors and police personnel.

9. On 5 issues, PM Modi asked for cooperation from the people of India:
a. At home take good care of senior citizens.
b. Follow lockdown and social distancing at any cost.
c. Follow guidelines issued by Ayush ministry’s advisories. to improve your immunity.
d. To stay updated with coronavirus, download Aarogya Setu App.
e. Help underprivileged families around yourself. Help them with their food requirement.

PM Modi address to the nation, came the day India coronavirus cases hiked beyond 10,000 with 8, 898 cases, 1,035 cured and discharged patients and 339 deaths.

In a beseech to scientists and youngsters, PM Modi sought ideas on a vaccine from all over India for the deadly disease. “We have limited measures to fight against this battle unitedly. I have a request to make to the scientists and youngsters of this country try and come up with development on the vaccine,” he said.

PM Modi thanked the citizens for cooperation in the fight against the coronavirus because of which we have been able to deal with this pandemic successfully. Despite the sufferings, you are engaged in this fight.

After the meeting with the chief ministers, a statement from the PMO office signaled a subtly change in strategy from the earlier motto of government which was ‘jaan hai to jahaan hai’ but now is ‘jaan bhi jahaan bhi’,”.


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