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Coronavirus vs India | Keep your bike and car healthy amid Lockdown


Proper care of your vehicle also is required, to make sure once this lockdown ends you don’t have to go running to mechanics.

These are the time of hardships, where the world is battling to prevent the spread of coronavirus. All around the world including India, the economies are in crisis due to the lockdown thanks to Covid19.

Well, everyone stays quarantined at home, taking care of themselves and each other but so your machine is also the attention seeker. Relevant efforts need to be taken to stop your vehicle from rusting and is in working condition once this pandemic is over and you are able to explore; going to a long drive.

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Below are the Tips mentioned on how to keep them in shape until the lockdown ends.

The first thing you should manage is parking your vehicle in covered space. But not easy because you stay in a crowded area, then you go out and put some cover on it, which will work as well. This is going to help you not watching or cleaning any bird droppings, tree sap and other nasties mark on your car. Now the two-wheeler should be set on the main stand rather than the side stand to let off the constant pressure. This will also keep it from getting knocked down with ease.


Every vehicle in India with maximum probability runs on a lead-acid battery which loses the charge quite easily. Well, if you are sure you are not going to set your automobile on the road for a long long time, you make sure to disconnect them. This will help the battery to restrict draining to the level lower than what is required to start up. Alternatively, you must turn on the engine in every 4-5 days and let it stay idle for a maximum of 15-20 minutes.

Brakes and Cables

Don’t leave your handbrake occupied. There are quite good chances that your vehicle if it is cable, operated could get jammed against the disk and/or drum and good take your breath away in loosening up. A better option is to leave your car in gear and let it roll away on slopes and for stopping make use of bricks or stoppers. In the case of bikes, make certain that everything is lubricated properly. Every once in a while get your eye to check chains, suspension, folding pegs; and don’t forget to check levers.


Next on the list is Tyre pressure. No doubt, the best solution would be to get all your tyres to be inflated to the maximum prescribed pressure. You should keep moving your car on foot even in either of the direction every once in 2-3days. This will let them prevent any sidewalls or getting cracked and will help to stay your shape of tyre intact. If you are a bike rider, then as earlier we mentioned keeping your bike on the center stand or what we call double stand you don’t have to worry much about the latter wheel, as will be above the ground level; for the first one just turns around it manually.

Exhaust Port

Another thing to keep in mind is to seal off exhaust ports, air intakes and other possible “burrows” for animals to be better off. Unfortunately, if rat gets into your exhaust or air vents, the smell will just make you feel horrible. Don’t even forget to unblock all the holes. when you starting the engine. Try to make a list of what comes off and put it as a reminder (if you think so), in any case, you have a history of short term memory loss.


Your fuel tank gets caught of rust if your fuel tank isn’t topped up, it will prevent moisture to build up on walls and roofs of the tank. Since the fuel has a shelf life, so the optimal way would be to procure some fuel stabilizer to prevent gumming in diesel and evaporation in petrol.


In the case of an automobile, make pretty sure the interiors are properly cleaned. Go through the entire car. Until any obvious reasons, don’t lose sight of any perishable items inside. Anything that you were using when you used to drive the car on a regular or day to day basis can now be taken out. Polish surfaces and clean seats and upholstery with a damp cloth. Make sure to let the car dry out completely before finally locking it shut.

Spending the whole day in your home during the Coronavirus lockdown may be frustrating, especially for people who love to explore in their vehicles. But it is extremely important that we remain indoors at a time like this, not only for our own safety but to keep the virus from spreading faster than we as a country can handle it.

Besides, imagine how beautiful the world will look when you see it for the first time after so long.


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