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Coronavirus Vaccine: When will be ready & where world stands for it?


The fear of covid19 is rising day by day and as the whole world is in tension for its vaccine. Even the number of positive cases increasing everyday in a speed, now the only hope of the world is just medicine or treatment as everyone knows life may not be fully return to normal phase until vaccine is developed and manufactured. So now the question is by when it will be ready and what world is doing to have it very soon.

The team of scientist around the world already working to develop a coronavirus vaccination, the disease already took more than 1,00,000 people life and more than 1.8 million infected from the covid19 coronavirus.

Now according to experts, they are saying it will take around 1 year to have its safe and effective vaccine in the market. For accelerating the research of effective vaccine it requires global coordination and a lot of money for testing. Many private companies and labs are researching on it day and night, let’s hope for the best and pray.

Whereas WHO Says more than 70 potential vaccines against coronavirus under development globally, 3 candidates already being under clinical testing phase which means they are testing on humans while 67 more potential vaccines are in preclinical phase out of 70.

Any testing on new vaccine begins from animal, but one vaccine developer skipped this step and directly started testing from human while other two vaccine developer done parallel on human as well as animal testing. The testing on humans undergoes through three phases.

The phase one is on small and trial based involving around 100 candidates, to check whether the vaccine is safe for humans whereas the phase two involves several other hundreds candidate to check the effectiveness of the vaccine against the disease. This phase takes several months.

At last the final phase is on larger scale of thousand people to check the further assesses of the effectiveness of the vaccine over a defined period of time continuously.

Sarah Gilbert, a professor of vaccinology at Oxford University, she is the head of the team who is developing or testing on vaccine told that she is 80 percent confident that their vaccine would be effective and will ready it by September. She told the newspaper that human trials for her team will begin within 2 weeks.

She added that they will start production as soon as it is proven as effective vaccine.

We gathered the above information from various sources given online.


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