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Coronavirus Live Updates: State wise cases in India


Now the total number of covid-19 coronavirus cases reached to 7447 in India latest figures given by Union Health Ministry, 1000 news cases increased in past 24 hours. The total number of death from covid-19 reached to 239 where 643 patients have been recovered from this virus or discharged. Hence 6556 are active cases of coronavirus in India.

Lockdown may have to be extended in India after 14th April

As you all know India is under 21 days lockdown period which is going to be over on 14th April but lockdown may have to be extended to fight against the coronavirus pandemic in the country.

PM Narender Modi called up a meeting of all the Chief Ministers on 11th April for final discussion on lockdown extend in india, so that they could take a final decision on it.

In official release, PM Narender Modi said that the priority of government is to safe each and every life of our citizens. He added that due to coronavirus country is facing serious economic challenges, tough measures could be needed in the future.

Many political parties asked for lockdown extension but the final decision will be taken after meeting. According to speculation it will be around 2 weeks extension of the lockdown in country till 30th April.

State wise cases of Coronavirus in India Updates

The toll of positive cases of coronavirus in India update is rising day by day where the most affected state is Maharashtra with 1500 positive cases then Tamil Nadu with 911 cases and Delhi with 903 cases.

Andhra Pradesh – 363
Andaman and Nicobar Islands – 11
Arunachal Pradesh – 1
Assam – 29
Bihar – 60
Chandigarh – 18
Chhattisgarh – 18
Delhi – 903
Goa – 7
Gujarat – 308
Haryana – 177
Himachal Pradesh – 28
Jammu and Kashmir – 207
Jharkhand – 14
Karnataka -207
Kerala – 364
Ladakh – 15
Madhya Pradesh – 435
Maharashtra – 1574
Manipur – 2
Mizoram – 1
Odisha – 48
Puducherry – 5
Punjab – 132
Rajasthan – 553
Tamil Nadu – 911
Telangana – 471
Tripura – 1
Uttarakhand – 35
Uttar Pradesh – 431
West Bengal – 116

Globally the total number of coronavirus covid-19 positive cases has crossed 1.6 million with around 1,00,000 deaths worldwide and around 3 lac patients have cured or discharged where US is highly affected country with more than 5 lac cases then Spain(1.48 lac cases), Italy(1.47 lac cases), France (1.13 lac cases) and Germany (1.13 lac cases) but in terms of death Italy has worst numbers than all as of now with 18,669 deaths, Spain 14,792 deaths and the US 18,000 deaths from Covid-19.

We will keep updating you all on regular basis, and please keep following lockdown as someone wants to see you with them forever. Will win one day in fight against coronavirus.


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