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Coronavirus “Heroes without Caps”


Every crisis has its own warriors, every disaster displays of benevolence & sacrifice. Firefighters race into burning buildings. Police officers place themselves in the line of fire. Soldiers march into war.

Since its the time of social distancing, else people would stop and start taking selfies on streets with these unsung heroes. Rather they get cherishing messages on social media. The new celebrity cluster emerging across the world is not some actors or singers or politicians.

During situations when a crisis occurs, heroes come to the front shore because humanity basic needs are threatened. Heroes wearing no caps helps to fulfill, at least in some part the required basic human needs.

But as said not all heroes wear caps, here are the people who are helping the country to go through COVID 19 Pandemic.

Medical Professionals

The physicians, nurses, ambulance drivers and all hospital support staff are working double shifts, round the clock to ensure nobody is left wanting for medical attention.

Photo Claudio Furlan/Lapresse 10 March 2020 Brescia (Italy)

Bank Employees

as they say “It’s good to have money and the things that money can buy”. To keep the money flow in the economy and people don’t have an issue with cash in this crisis, Banks are operating with minimal staff.

Sanitation Workers

To avoid the widespread of virus, the surroundings must be kept clean all the time. Clearing the streets and disposing off your home garbage, the workers are operating & running without protective gears.

Delivery Executives

When thousands are people locked inside, the demand for online delivery has taken a spike since many people hardly know how to cook. At this time the delivery executives of Zomato & Swiggy are working all day long to earn living and provide essential food.


the ones who know how to cook still need a supply of day to day items like fruits, vegetables, spices, etc. Not to let anyone die of hunger the stores, supermarkets workers are keeping up to serve massive crowds.


Regardless of the Covid 19, there are many problems which a person has like diabetes. So to keep on check with the exisiting patients & to deal with the virus, the chemists are performing their duties. 

We salute these superhumans in this time of need when the unforeseen disaster which was first reported to the WHO Country Office in China on 31 December 2019. This pandemic as a dreary milestone with new figures coming up, unconfirmed cases are to believed much far higher. More than 137,000 deaths to date across the world have been reported. The figures have doubled in the past few days and are steadily increasing. With alone the USA, reported 28,000 deaths and President Trump announced to halt the funding of WHO, with world leaders criticizing this decision.

But it’s not those who only work outside, the people too have responsibility Dr. Massimo Galli, director of the infectious disease department at Luigi Sacco University Hospital in Milan, who swapped his lab coat for a suit, said Social Distancing is “the mother of all battles”.


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